Friday, April 27, 2007

CC.Net - Project Report Page

In CC.Net, the Project Report page provides general information for a project.

Most of the items should be straightforward. One thing you may notice is that the "View Statistics" link doesn't work. Clicking the link gives an exception page stating "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." The problem is that the <statistics> publisher wasn't specified. Add the following to ccnet.config, within <project></project>

Reload the page... "Unexpected exception caught on server." The other pages now fail with the same error. Not exactly the desired results. Digging through the exception details, it appears the Log Publisher is missing. Yet it was there a minute ago?

It turns out a default publisher is used if one isn't specified. You can see this by removing the <publishers> section and clicking Project Configuration on the left. This page gives the project's entire XML listing, both the entries in ccnet.config and any defaults you don't override. A useful addition.

Anyway, the publisher error is a simple fix:


The pages again load. On top of that, we now have statistics. Or, will, as soon as we run another build. Force a build, and you should see basic stats for the project.

Nothing fancy, but it's a start.

One more useful feature is the External Links item. With this, you can easily add links to other resources - project documentation, bug server, etc. Again, this is added within <project></project>

<externalLink name="Project Documentation" url="\\fileserver\project1\project.doc" />

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