Monday, June 4, 2007

Pseudo-changesets In SourceSafe

Let's say you make a code change that spans multiple files across several projects. When the change is complete, you need to check in all of the files at the same time. Otherwise, you end up with a broken build. Most source-control systems include the concept of a changeset. As you check out files, they are grouped in a specified set. After the modifications have been made and tested, you check in the changeset as opposed to the individual files. The bad news: SourceSafe doesn't include changesets. The good news: you can work around the limitation.

I previously added the MSBuild.Community.Tasks code to SourceSafe. Let's say I modified code within the XmlQuery task. This also required changing the unit tests. To see all of the relevant checkouts, select the folder common to both projects ('Source' in this case.)

From the menu, choose View > Search > Status Search. In the "Search for Status" dialog, select the options to display files checked out to you, in current project and all subprojects. Click OK.

The search results will look similar to this

Select the necessary files, right-click and choose Check In from the menu. Assuming you selected the correct files, the code should be updated without breaking the build.

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