Monday, September 24, 2007

Hidden Desktops and NUnitForms

In my last post I noted a problem working with NUnitForms. I was unable to get the hidden desktop to work with a [SetUp] method. After digging through the source code, I have my solution.

The code that sets up the hidden desktop is in the method init(). This method is marked with the [SetUp] attribute. When I created my own method with this attribute, init() was no longer being called. Thus, no hidden desktop.

The solution is to override the Setup() method provided in NUnitFormsTest, but to not mark it with the [SetUp] attribute. The last thing init() does before exiting is make a call to Setup(). The TearDown attribute and method have a similar implementation.

When the documentation seems to be lacking, it's always nice to have the source code.

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