Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I was looking through my "to blog" list recently and I was reminded of something: I have a LOT of items on my list. Two or three times the number of posts I've written thus far. What's worse is some of these items would actually make an entire series of posts. At my current rate of posting (once or twice a month) I'm never going to finish.

Then there are the computer books sitting on my shelf, several of which I've not read much passed the intro. Some may not be worth digging into right now, but a few of them are "must reads." Code Complete for example. Or Head First Design Patterns. I've not finished either of them, and have yet to fully grok what I have read.

The question then is how to tackle these lists? It seems the only way to stay motivated is to come up with a schedule and then stick to it. Read one chapter a week. Write a blog post a week. Or if I work it just right, I could write a blog post on the chapter I just read. But what if I get bored with one subject? Do I switch between books each week, or should I stick to one until I finish? If I want to post on what I'm reading, how much original content is necessary and how much can I quote or link to?

I'm off to ponder these questions (or read web comics, I've not decided which.) What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you have any professional goals to tackle next year? (Or even non-professional goals?) And if so, how do you plan to keep on track?


  1. Like anything find what works for you. One option might be set aside time on one day or another . While i know you are not much of a TV person. Americans have been conditioned for years to show up and stay in one place for an hour or two by TV....

  2. You have a point Bryan, though I don't recall any car chases in Code Complete :) I may try picking one or two evenings a week and spend an hour each evening. If I get caught up in what I'm doing and spend more time on it, so much the better.


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