Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Subversion failure to copy file

We ran into some difficulty today adding a new project to our build server. We kept getting an svn error stating:

"Can't copy 'C:\MyProject\_svn\tmp\text-base\web.config.svn-base' to 'C:\MyProject\_svn\tmp\web.config.tmp.tmp'.

Not the most helpful of error messages, as I have no knowledge of the inner-workings of svn. Fortunately, a quick Google search turned up a TortoiseSVN FAQ entry that proved useful.

In our code repository we had two web.config files in the same directory. The only difference was one had an initial uppercase 'W' while the second was lowercase. SVN handles this just fine internally. The problem occurs when you attempt to pull them down to the same location on a Windows machine. Since Windows ignores casing, these were being treated as the same file. SVN was complaining that the folder didn't contain the second copy of the file. Deleting one of the copies in SVN fixed the build error.

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