Monday, July 6, 2009

Quickly escape strings in xml

If you spend much time working with xml, you will find yourself needing to escape strings. Replacing '<' with '&lt;' for example. Usually the code written to do so looks something like this:

escapedItem = itemToEscape.Replace("&", "&amp;")
                          .Replace("<", "&lt;")
                          .Replace(">", "&gt;")
                          .Replace("'", "&apos;")
                          .Replace("\"", "&quot;");

Though this technically works, there is an easier way built right in to the .Net framework. If we reference System.Security we can replace the above code with

escapedItem = SecurityElement.Escape(itemToEscape);

In both cases, the string

If (x < 2) & (y > 3), where \"x\" isn't...

is replaced with

If (x &lt; 2) &amp; (y &gt; 3), where &quot;x&quot; isn&apos;t...

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