Friday, May 2, 2008

Metadata? But the code's right there...

Here's a highly complex bit of code I've been working on

In this example I have a Customer class in MyAssembly2, which you can see is a separate project in the solution. On the main form of the application I'm making a call to the Customer instance method SaveToDatabase. If I right-click on the method call and choose "Go To Definition" I'm taken to a page of metadata.

This lets me see method signatures but not the code within those methods. If I were to try the same thing for my Utilities class, however, I'm taken to the .cs file within MyAssembly1. So what's the difference?

Here are the reference properties for the two assemblies:

The two are almost identical, but if you look closely, you'll see that MyAssembly2 has a "Specific Version" property where MyAssembly1 does not. This is because MyAssembly2 was added as a file reference - we pointed VisualStudio at the compiled dll instead of the project. Because of this, VS doesn't know that the dll and project are really one and the same.

The fix is a simple matter of deleting the reference to MyAssembly2 and re-adding - this time as a project reference.

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